Monday, September 16, 2013

The New Patriot Magazine needs your help!  The publication is looking for stories on exceptional National Guard members throughout the country.

The New Patriot is the professional magazine for the enlisted force within the National Guard, which currently works directly with National Guard Bureau Public Affairs to help provide content and direction for many of the articles.

For the upcoming winter edition, The New Patriot would like to feature five members of the National Guard who are considered "Pros" in their respective field.  There are quite a few National Guard members mentioned in local and regional news articles who have earned professional singing contracts, are fighting professionally in the UFC, and even recently winning beauty pageants.

The publication would like to showcase current members of the National Guard, and those thinking about joining the National Guard, that members don't have to give up their dreams and passions just because they put on a uniform and serve their country when called upon.  The focus of the articles will be on those individuals playing sports and engaging in other activities outside of their normal military "job".

The National Guard Bureau has been assisting The New Patriot in finding members of the National Guard who fit into this category, however they need your help.  After all, you know your fellow Guardsmen better than anyone else!

If you, or someone you know, are interested in being highlighted in an upcoming issue of The New Patriot please contact Steve Fink, Director of Business Development for the Enlisted Association of the National Guard, before October 30.  His contact information has been provided below.

The New Patriot staff will select the top candidates for the article and a staff writer will contact that person directly to get the details for the article. 

The New Patriot is looking forward to hearing all of the amazing stories of the men and women of our National Guard!

Steve Fink
703-519-3846, ext. 27, or via cell: 541-403-1126.  Email: