Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Oregon's Public Affairs personnel play part in Vigilant Guard Exercise

Mock Press Conference by oregonmildep
Mock Press Conference, a photo by oregonmildep on Flickr.

I felt compelled to post this picture of a fellow Public Affairs NCO participating in the Vigilant Guard Exercise, for two reasons.

First, since Public Affairs personnel are always busy taking pictures of other people and events, they rarely have their own pictures posted anywhere.

Second, and more importantly, even though public affairs professionals are taught that they are "not the story", they play an integral part of the overall story which is conveyed to the public.

Here, we see Oregon Army National Guard Master Sgt. Thomas Hovie, of the Oregon Military Department's Public Affairs Office, conducting a mock interview with personnel from U.S. Northern Command's (USNORTHCOM) Public Affairs Section, during the Vigilant Guard Exercise at the Fairview Training Site in Salem, Ore., yesterday.

Hovie is part of a team of Public Affairs personnel from the Oregon National Guard who are taking part in the multi-agency exercise designed to train and test interoperability between local first responders, National Guard personnel, and USNORTHCOM.

Special thanks to Sgt. Jason Van Mourik, of the Oregon Military Department Public Affairs Office for this photo.

Posted by Master Sgt. Nick Choy, Oregon Military Department Public Affairs Social Media Manager

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