Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Our favorite stories of 2010

A lot of news organizations go through their favorite stories of the year. The Oregon National Guard obviously had a lot of great stories on our Soldiers, Airmen, and their families throughout 2010, so picking the best was difficult to say the least.

We came up with our favorite list, which is by no means the most important stories. In fact, every story about our fellow Oregon Citizen-Soldiers and Citizen-Airmen is important. But for various reasons, these rate as some of the significant stories we though you might enjoy reading one more time.

162 Engineer Soldiers go Rogue for a day, Posted: 11-8-10.

Its one thing when Oregon Soldiers or Airmen help out the community, but when a company or organization goes out of their way to help our men and women in uniform, everyone takes notice. Thank you Rogue for the recognition, and of course, for the beer!

Oregon Partnership launches new Military Helpline to help combat military suicide, Posted: 9-14-10.

We all face challenges from time to time, especially during the holidays. That is why we thought it was important to note the launch of the Military Helpline and its associated website. If you or anyone has a concern or issues, and would like to talk about it… or simply has questions, please visit the website here, or call their 24/7, toll-free hotline at: 1-888-HLP-4-VETS.

Vietnam veteran and hero Larry Deibert honored with building dedication in Salem, Posted: 8-30-10.

If you read Larry Deibert’s biography, and especially the citation which accompanies his heroic actions in Vietnam, you’ll come away with not just a new appreciation for the man, but also for all fighting men and women who wear this nation’s uniform. The naming of a building in his honor is a fitting tribute to his life-long sacrifices for this nation and the great state of Oregon.

Meet the people behind Seattle’s sonic booms, Posted: 8-25-10.

You hear them out there every day. Sometimes more than once a day. Some people complain about the noise they cause, while others jump for joy in their living room as the F-15 jets scream overhead. But if anyone wonders why the pilots, ground crews, and men and women of the Oregon Air National Guard do what they do on a daily basis, this story says it all. One day, those jets might be screaming at Mach-2 to come protect YOU.

Oregon National Guard visits Bangladesh as part of State Partnership Program, Posted: 8-22-10.

This program, launched by the National Guard Bureau to help empower emerging democracies throughout the world is a win-win. Not only does the partner country benefit through training and collaboration with states’ National Guard members, but Soldiers and Airmen throughout the United States now have an opportunity to train with an international partner and positively influence their military and civilian counterparts across the globe.

Oregon Air Guard “boys in blue” were “Johnny on the Spot” for traffic accident in Grants Pass, Posted: 7-19-10.

If you ask the Airmen who responded to this traffic accident, they’ll say, “We did what we were trained to do.” If you ask the victims who were on the receiving end of their help, they’ll tell you, “These Airmen are our heroes.” ‘Nuff said.

Oregon Soldier takes top spot in regional NCO/Soldier of the Year Competition, Posted: 6-15-10.

Oh sure, Oregon’s Soldiers and Airmen train all year long. Someone checks a bunch of boxes on a sheet of paper, and all is good, right? Well, sometimes one of these Oregon National Guard members excels to the point where just checking a box to say they’ve trained in something isn’t good enough. That’s what happened here. This Soldier is a model for all others throughout the organization, so much so that someone on the national level though he should be the model for ALL Soldiers throughout the country.

Memorial Day—on the other end of town, Posted: 6-1-10.

Memorial Day is filled with parades, flag raisings, memorials, flowers bestowed on gravesites throughout the state, and numerous spaghetti dinners for veterans and their families. But sometimes, just sometimes, it’s the quiet non-descript ceremony which happens on the other side of town that goes relatively unnoticed by the major media outlets that stands as the epitome of what Memorial Day is truly about.

41 IBCT returns home, Posted: 4-19-10.

How could the largest deployment of Oregon Soldiers since WWII not make this list?

Oregon Soldier featured on NBC News, Posted: 3-31-10.

One simple word: magic. That’s how Scott Anderson brought smiles to hundreds of Iraqi children who found themselves victims of massive burns, amputations, or other unfortunate accidents. Anderson did what he could with what he had… when faced with sad little children recovering in area hospitals, a simple magic trick made all their worries, and pain, fade away, if just for a short time. The U.S. Army took note, and sent him all over the country to bring joy to thousands of Soldiers and Airmen who were far from home, separated from family members. Then the national news caught wind of what he did and the rest, as they say in show business, is history. Thank you Scott Anderson for bringing a bit of magic into our world.

Oregon National Guard wins environmental award for Camp Withycombe Cleanup Efforts, Posted: 3-19-10.

It’s one thing to protect the world against bad people, or to protect your home state against fires, floods, and other natural disasters, but for the Oregon National Guard, being good stewards of our planet is just part of the job. And when it’s done right, as it was with the firing range at Camp Withycombe in Clackamas, Ore., someone is going to take notice. Congrats to the Environmental Team for setting a national example!

Official Department of Defense Social Media Policy Released, Posted: 2-26-10.

There’s no doubt the new trend of Social Media is here to stay. As the number of Twitter and Facebook users rises to all-time numbers, it is fitting that more companies and organizations get involved in this fast-paced, constantly changing avenue of online communication. For the Oregon National Guard, the release of official DoD guidelines on how to conduct business in this new world order was a god-send. We not only have the ability to play in this new sandbox, but there are now clearly defined borders in which to write a new chapter in global communications.

Oregon Airmen helping relief effort in Haiti settle in, Posted: 2-16-10.

They set aside their full-time jobs, kissed their families goodbye, and headed to a country ravaged by a severe natural disaster. They spent two weeks assisting where they could, helping to locate those killed during the earthquake, and to render aid and bring supplies to those injured or displaced during the incident. These four Oregon Air National Guard member’s selfless sacrifice should serve as a shining example for all other men and women in uniform. One would only hope that if something horrible were to befall our country, somewhere out there in the world there are people just like these Airmen who will come to our aid.

The World got a little dimmer today, Posted: 1-12-10.

Leader, philanthropist, Holocaust survivor, war veteran, father, husband and friend. This list could go on and on. But to describe Fred Rosenbaum would take more than words. In fact, he was enough of a visionary to leave us all with his legacy—the annual at-risk youth camp which bears his name—Camp Rosenbaum. The camp celebrated its 40th year in 2010, and is poised to celebrate many more years of helping at-risk youth from around Oregon and Southwest Washington realize their dreams, become good citizens and productive members of society. Thank you for everything you did and stood for while you were with us, and for building a legacy to serve others after you left. Our hat’s off to you Fred.

Posted by Tech. Sgt. Nick Choy, Oregon Military Department Social Media Manager

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