Monday, May 17, 2010

Timing is everything in this business

Just had to share this great photo with you all. It was taken last Thursday on the State Capitol Mall in Salem, Ore., during the Armed Forces Day event.

Oh sure, I was there too, but all I caught was the two F-15 jets flying over the Oregon State Capitol building. Spc. Julie Trotter, with the Oregon Army National Guard's 2-218 Field Artillery, had the foresight to go about a football field's distance away from all the other photographers, and captured this great shot.

Her timing and patience resulted in capturing both the firing of the Howitzers AND the F-15 jets in the same shot (rest assured, this is not a photoshopped image).

Hey Julie... want to come work in our office?

Posted by Tech. Sgt. Nick Choy,
Oregon National Guard Social Media Manager

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