Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Migration deadline for Oregon National Guard Facebook page set for Nov. 1

The Oregon National Guard plans to move their emphasis from their current Facebook page to their fan page by November 1.

Those of you who know our Facebook page, Owen Summers OregonGuard, have become familiar with our great stories, photos, and videos pertinent to Oregon's citizen-soldiers, citizen-airmen, their families, friends, and employers.

In order to align ourselves with Facebook guidelines, as well as to build a strong social networking foundation, we will be migrating all of our content (and friends) from the Owen Summers Oregon Guard Facebook page over to the Oregon National Guard - Oregon Military Department Facebook Fan page.

The reasons for this move are twofold: Personal pages are limited to only 5,000 freinds, whereas fan pages can have an unlimited number of fans. If every airman and soldier in the Oregon National Guard were to become our freind on Facebook, our friends list would top 8,000! To say nothing of all their friends and supporters!

Now you and I both know that not everyone in the Oregon National Guard is on Facebook, and everyone who is, may not necessarily want to be our friend *sniff-sniff*. But we all know social networking is here to stay, so this move makes sense for our future.

The other reason is that Facebook does not allow organizations to have personal pages. While Owen Summers is (was) a real person--the "father" of the Oregon National Guard--in order to adhere to their guidelines, and set good examples for the rest of the Facebook universe, we have decided to do the "right" thing.

If you are a friend of our Facebook page, we not only thank you for being our friend and following our posts, but we highly encourage you to join our fan page before November 1st, located here. While the Owen Summers page will be on Facebook until the end of the year to provide for transition, no more posts or stories will be made there.

Posted by Tech. Sgt. Nick Choy,
Oregon National Guard Public Affairs

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