Wednesday, September 16, 2009

One of Oregon's own on front lines of policy-making for National Guard members

In all my excitement, I forgot to post a photo of one of our own Oregon Air Guard leaders, Maj. Gen. Daniel B. O'Hollaren.

As a NGAUS board member, "Oho" has the ability to bring our concerns directly to Congress and those who shape policy for the National Guard--both Army and Air.

Glad to have you out there looking out for our interests sir!

Posted via Flickr by Tech. Sgt. Nick Choy,

Social Media Manager, Oregon National Guard, currently with NGB-Public Affairs in Washington, D.C.


Ashley said...

Correction: It is MAJOR General Daniel B. O'Hollaren :)

Oregon Military Department said...

... and he'll probably never forgive me for that. My apologies! It has been corrected in the copy. Thanks for looking out for "dad" :)