Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Oregon's Adjutant General warns not to "cut corners" on F-22

National Guard leadership in five coastal states who have fighter wings that play a critical role in national defense want the F-22, a recent story in Air Force says.

The July 14 article cites Oregon's Adjutant General, Maj. Gen. Raymond F. Rees as saying the F-22 is "absolutely imperative."

The five Air National Guard fighter wings in California, Oregon, Louisiana, Florida and Massachusetts make up the "Five Corner Initiative", which will help protect the American coastlines.

Of particular concern, the article quotes Rees, is the ominous specter of small, fast, cruise missles fired at American cities from ships off the U.S. coast.

Read the rest of the article here.
The article represents a wave of media coverage happening in the wake of renewed discussions on Captiol Hill regarding the Air Force's next generation fighter. David Axe, a contributing writer to Wired Magazine, also posted a blog about the ongoing F-22 discussions, here.
Posted by Tech. Sgt. Nick Choy,
Oregon National Guard Social Media Manager

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