Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Oregon Senator seeks 'soft landing' for veterans returning from active duty: Tell us what you think

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As reported on on April 7, 2009, Oregon Senator Ron Wyden is pushing for increased federal support for Oregonians returning from deployments. What follows is reporter Rob Manning's story which ran on OPB's website.

In the face of extremely high unemployment numbers for returning Oregon veterans, Senator Ron Wyden pressed his case for better federal support at a round table Tuesday. Rob Manning reports on what Wyden calls “the soft landing.”

One of Oregon’s returning military units suffered a 65-percent unemployment rate among its younger members, according to one veterans’ spokesman. Military and other officials at a round table said existing veteran support programs are complicated and not always offered at the right time.

Senator Ron Wyden says that with Oregon’s high level of participation, elected officials should improve the way soldiers return to civilian life.

Ron Wyden: “What the government needs to do in return, is getting it right in terms of the transition - I call it the period from holding a rifle to holding a child, and getting back into the work force.”

Wyden's "soft landing" program would pay Guard members for 90, rather than 30 days, when they return from active duty - though not all of that would be at full pay. The Oregon legislature is also considering bills aimed at employing soldiers and helping their families.

Please tell us what you think about Senator Wyden's proposal. If you are an Oregon soldier, or a military spouse, tell us how this extended pay period will help you and your family.

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Posted by Tech. Sgt. Nick Choy,
Social Media Manager, Oregon Military Department


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a good idea, but where is the money coming from? The pocket of my already-diminishing supply? If that is the case, I'd rather my soldier work harder at getting a job quickly because in the long run we will end up with less household income.

Anonymous said...

Coming off a deyployment is a hard transition after my last deplyment I was unemplyed for 9 Months looking for work everyday, I ended up losing my home and my trasportation just trying to feed my wife and child during the transition, if this will assist in helping our veterans stay on there feet while ajusting I am for it. although the economy is in a lul if we can keep out countrys heros and there familys out of a slum and off the streets we should all lend a hand, its the least we can due considering what they go threw everyday on the battlefield to keep us safe.