Friday, April 10, 2009

'National Guard' Oregon license plates a great way to show support

Are you proud of your membership in the Oregon National Guard? Do you want to let the world know that you are a member of a military organization with a proud heritage?

Look no further than the front and rear bumpers of your car.

The 2007 Oregon Legislature approved the new National Guard license plates which feature the capitol letters N and G on the left side of the plate.

Plates are available for veterans. They can be personalized with a choice of any of five military service branch seals, or, they can chose between several service-related or campaign medals the veteran has earned while serving in various theaters of combat. But you have to chose one... you can't have a service branch seal and a medal together on the same plate.

The military service medals available are: Silver Star, Bronze Star, Distinguished Service Cross, Air Force Cross, and the Navy Cross.

The choice of campaign medals include: World War II Victory, Korea, Vietnam, Southwest Asia, Kosovo, Iraq, Afghanistan, and the Global War on Terrorism (Expeditionary).

A plate for Gold Star family members--those who have lost a family member who was serving in the military--is also available. Family members must certify that they are a surviving parent, spouse or dependent of a person who was killed in action during an armed conflict while serving the Armed Forces of the United States.

To apply for the new National Guard license plate, go to any Oregon Division of Motor Vehicles office with proof of your military service (DD Form 214 or 215) and/or documentation indicating the award of a related military medal.

For more details on how to show off your membership in the Oregon National Guard on your ride, visit this website.

Posted by Tech. Sgt. Nick Choy,
Oregon Military Department Social Media Manager

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