Thursday, February 19, 2009

Seski: An exclusive interview with the official mascot for Oregon's Sesquicentennial

You may have seen him around town.

A fleeting glimpse of fur. Perhaps a grainy, Zapruder-esque video clip on the evening news. Rumors discussed around the water cooler. Sightings that make for interesting dinner conversation.

You're not imagining things. He's real, and his name is Seski.

The Oregon Military Department sleuths caught up with this mysterious and elusive figure, and pinned him down for an exclusive interview.

ORNG: Who is Seski?

Seski: Seski the mascot for Oregon 150 and Travel Oregon. People having hard time saying "sesquicentennial", so Governor ask Seski to help celebrate Oregon's 150th birthday. Also Seski's 150th birthday too! Oregon National Guard very supportive of Seski's visit.

ORNG: Where is Seski from?

Seski: My home deep in Oregon woods. Seski come out to help celebrate Oregon's 150 years of statehood. Also Seski visit and see all great things Seski missed in the last 150 years.

ORNG: Well, what do you think about what you see?

Seski: Seski think this good. The more Seski see, the more Seski like what he see.

ORNG: You've made an appearance at the Oregon 150 Ball, and at a recent Portland Trail Blazer's game, where you hung out with the team mascot Blaze. Tell me about that.

Seski: Seski have lots of fun. Seski take picture with Blaze. Blazers give Seski team jersey with number "150". Seski even on big TV screen for all to see!

ORNG: Why did you come out of the woods?

Seski: Seski want to see Oregon, and enjoy it all. So much good things in Oregon. Every part of Oregon have something to enjoy!

ORNG: What is your plan for this year?

Seski: Seski not have real timeframe. Just enjoy looking at beautiful Oregon. When Seski done, Seski go back to home in the woods.

ORNG: Any advice for Oregonians?

Seski: Seski think people of Oregon should go out and enjoy this state. Go see things you didn't see before. Go do things you didn't do before. Seski must go now... limousine waiting.

Well folks, there you have it, straight from Seski Sasquatch himself.

To see Seski's Facebook page, go here. To read Seski's blog, go here. Or you can follow Seski's travels throughout Oregon via Twitter, here.

Posted by Tech. Sgt. Nick Choy,
Emerging Social Media Manager, Oregon Military Department

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