Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Local race horse wins benefit Oregon Guard

When Mystacallie wins, so does the Oregon National Guard.

At least that's the agreement between a local radio station, 95.5 The Game, and the Oregon National Guard's Emergency Relief Fund.

The station's owners have agreed to match funds donated to the relief fund, based on the winnings of the thoroughbred. So far, it's amounted to over $12,000.

Mystacallie has won an unprecedented three wins over 23 days--a feat unheard of in local horse racing circles. Her first win on Oct. 5 was unexpected, as were her other two victories shortly thereafter.

Matched with a determined jockey by the name of Debbie Hoonan-Trujillo, and veteran trainer and breeder, Jack Root, Mystacallie has been dubbed "the people's horse". And if her winning streak continues, she may just become the darling of Oregon's Soldiers and Airmen too.

For the full story on the Oregonian's website, go here.

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